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Goal-Time's WKI Certified Coach

Lee Autore, our WKI Certified Coach, walks you through a system based on Wendy Kennedy's "So what? who cares? why you?" book.

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Learn More about's
"So what? who cares? why you?"
process directly from their site.

What are some of the things that make this process unique?

  • Founder Focus - Innovators and their small groups working together
  • Conversations - Active and dynamic conversations about business value
  • Visual Tools - Understand each other with visual tools
  • Driven by Questions - Not answers. You think you know, but we all learn
  • Draw, Brainstorm, Debate - Need we say more? This is interactive
  • Founder Driven, Coach Navigated
    • This is where Goal-Time's WKI Certified Coach comes into play
    • We are the guide taking you through the jungle!
    • Insights, experience, moderation and refereeing
  • Stand Up, Hands On! - Everyone is going to be involved and engaged
  • Energetic and Healthy - We keep on pace, and work through the tensions
  • Action and Outcomes! - We are action-oriented and outcome-driven

How Do We Get Started?

  • Schedule an introduction session for free, with Lee Autore, our WKI Certified Coach.
  • We will figure out where you are in your process, and our destination.
  • Goal-Time will provide a quote for the sessions we determine your team needs, and an appropriate location.
  • We schedule the first session!

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