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Our Services

Goal-Time LLC is a consulting business, focused on providing "Technical Solutions" for "Business Problems". We are approachable, curious, open-minded, relatable, and usually cheeky. Our goal is to ensure that the right people are involved, that they are finding potential solutions to the real business problem, that the risks of each solution are being evaluated, and that a solid plan is made for moving forward.

Why Choose Goal-Time

  1. We're Passionate About Your Success
  2. Whether your business is just starting up, or a full running machine, we are here to help fix the sneaky problems that fall through the gaps. Our team will work tirelessly, and effectively, to give your business the right combination of expertise to ensure success.

    Here are a few ways Goal-Time stands apart from competitors:

    • we keep within the budget
    • we stay on schedule
    • we avoid common pitfalls
    • we fix the right problem
    • we identify and mitigate risk
    • we prevent scope creep
    • we ensure success
    • we save you money, time, and frustration
  3. We're Committed to Building Strong Client Relationships
  4. Working with a consulting business doesn’t have to be super formal. When interacting with Goal-Time, you will see a playful, casual, adventurous, and usually surprising environment. We want our clients to feel like they are part of our skulk (group of foxes).

  5. We're a Team of Industry Leaders and Problem Solvers
  6. Our team of industry veterans and professionals have deep expertise in solving real business problems in a reasonable amount of time, and won’t waste your money to do it. Our processes are analytical, trusted, and realistic, and follow wise practices, to give your business the results it needs to succeed.

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Meet the Team Leadership

Goal-Time Logo: orange fox winking and wearing a teal fedora
Lee Autore
Founder, Solutions Engineer
Goal-Time Logo: orange fox winking and wearing a teal fedora
Abi Sweigart
Sales, Office Manager