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Our Services

Goal-Time offers services that will help you to keep your projects on-time and within budget, saving you money, time, and frustration.

A former colleague once told our founder: "You translate Geek to Non-Geek". That is kind of what we do. ;)

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What Goal-Time Does:

Business Consulting
Start-Up Consulting
Technology Consulting
Project Specifications
Website, Software and Application Consultation
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cost and Risk Analysis
Marketing and Sales Consulting
WKI Certified Coach Consulting

Our Consulting Includes:

  • Solutions to any business problems, from machine floor to executive suites.
  • Help startups from ideation to pitch, building a team, with a WKI Certified Coach*.
      *Wendy Kennedy program based on "So What? Who Cares? Why You?”
  • Get help navigating potential technology solutions, especially if you don't already have a technical team.
  • Full write-ups of all business requirements for a technology project, ready to hand off to a development team for estimates

Our Process Includes:

Mitigating Risks
We start by identifying the risks and then deciding how to handle them, or at least communicating them so that everyone is aware.
Solving the Real Problem -- With the Right Tools:
Our team ensures that we are working on the right problem, and make sure that the right tools are being used, so you can have far greater success.
Choosing the Right Option:
We are here to help come up with the solutions, and to help you weigh all of the pros and cons to make a good decision to fix your business problem.
Project Completion Within Budget:
With a structured Scope of Work (SOW) and cost estimates based on accurate work needs, you can stay within budget.
On-Time Completion:
When your project is clearly defined, you can get better estimates for time, and get your project done within your allotted time frame.

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