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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Goal-Time LLC

Take a few minutes to learn about us! These are the questions we hear the most often.

Will you help me set up QuickBooks Online for my start-up or existing business?

While Goal-Time is set up to help you via the Wendy Kennedy "So what? Who cares? Why You?" method, from a certified WKI coach, and this includes financial projections... When it comes to getting yours or our own accounting set up, we turn to a trusted partner, Kim Petro with Designed to Organize, LLC.

What is a WKI Certified Coach, and why would I need one?

WKI Certified Coaches follow a program from Inc, based on the book "So what? who cares? why you?" . Goal-Time LLC's WKI Certified Coach is Lee Autore, and his consulting helps to equip and empower innovators to discover the business value of new ideas, beginning at the earliest discovery stages. This program is also an excellent resource for developing early business plans and investor pitches. Learn more on our WKI Certified Coaching page.

Do you do Computer Repairs?

Goal-Time does not do computer repairs (not even our own!). There are people far more skilled at this, than us. If you are looking for help, check out NCA Security.

Do you build websites, apps and software?

Not right now. At Goal-Time, our focus is to prepare projects for success by making sure that the solution meets the business needs, and thoroughly documenting the solution so that developers can estimate and build from real technical specifications. When a project is ready for development, we love to send our clients to a local Miamisburg partner, Jerritte Couture with Edge Webware. They do great work!

What do you mean by "4 Hours FREE Consultation!"?

We get this question a LOT. Why the heck would we give our time away for free? Well, because we like helping people, and if I can solve your problem for free, in a half a day, you will become one of my best referrals to new clients. This is usually a 1-2 hour meeting, some research, write-up and estimation time, and a quick meeting to go over results. Sometimes we decide to just keep going and solve the problem that day!
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