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Developer: "We just can't do it!"

Combating "Impossible", "Have to start over", and "Will Cost thousands"

Published by Goal-Time LLC on 2022-09-19 12:00:27

green chalkboard with impossible written in white with the
One of our clients has a problem, and we have been trying to solve it for months. The developer has told us repeatedly that this request would require a complete re-write, from the ground up.

It usually doesn't.

This particular problem was that a particular Node module that he built processes only "one column" of SQL results at a time, and he simply cannot pass multiple columns into his module. (This module helped to compress a multitude of data, per column, into single records).

He was right... "the way that he built those modules" prevented us from being able to pass multi-column results. AND, he was right that passing multiple columns would require a fundamental concept shift and a massive re-write of the site.

BUT, he wasn't thinking outside the box. Why not pass the multiple columns in as a single "pipe-separated" string.

Instead of passing function(colA,colB,colC), we pass function( colD ), where colD was in fact a CONCATENATE(colA,"|",colB,"|",colC) of the other columns.

Now, we pass a single column (as a string), and the function can do a split and get the 3 columns.
I got a gold start for this one. :)

If none of this makes sense to you -> That is why Goal-Time is here. If anyone ever tells you something can't be done, you bring us into the conversation!