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Developer War Cry: "It will Crash SO Hard!"

Why we need BSAs and Solutions Engineers

Published by Goal-Time LLC on 2022-06-30 12:24:24

red programming code in foreground with dark blue server room in background.
Story time! This just happened this morning.

Background: Goal-Time is involved in this project from a technical specification and technical project management perspective. We are working with a client who handles healthcare data.

Frequently, data is stored as "codes" that represent some kind of "text" (ex: Gender (1=Male, 2=Female, 3=Non-Binary). We are having to restructure data because of issues with the same form name and column name being used for multiple code-sets in different tabs of data.

And our list is currently incomplete in a few places, and wrong in a few. We are waiting for the answers from a 3rd-party. I ask the developer to continue... "But I can't. If we don't have complete and accurate codes, it will BLOW UP! It will Crash SO Hard!"

Thinking for just a few minutes, we decided that forcing all results for those cases to simple come back as "MISSINGCODES" would work just fine for testing purposes.

This is why you need someone on hand who can think from the business perspective, and have the technical background to help span the sides of these problems. We usually call these folks Business Systems Analysts (BSAs) or Solutions Engineers. And that's Goal-Time! :)