Welcome, BUT...

Goal-Time LLC has closed up shop as a Brick-n-Mortar, and is not currently accepting new clients.

"My name is Lee Autore, and I started Goal-Time in 2011. Last year (2022) was a time for big change, and I tried to expand the business. While my (our!) hearts were in the right place, the business was not set up for wild success, and I closed up shop earlier in 2023.

Things are good. I took a full-time job with one of my biggest clients, brought one of my employees with me, and everyone seems to have landed on their feet. ;)

Goal-Time LLC will not be deconstructed at this time, as there is always the chance of a return, maybe in several years.

  • I have discovered where my true passions are.
  • Talking about "what we do" has always been difficult.
  • My skills are much bigger than I thought they were.
  • I've learned how to talk about my skills!
  • I look forward to seeing where they go in the future.

My sincerest thanks go out to everyone who has supported Goal-Time in its 12-year history."

- Lee Autore

That being said... check out some of the businesses I've worked with (partners, clients, etc) over the years. They are all amazing!

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Coryn Autore, PT, DPT
Qualitee 360, LLC
Kevin Jackson
Edge Webware, Inc.
Jerritte Couture
ELIO Marketing
Eli Coulton
Designed to Organize
Kim Petro
Lady Bedlam Creations
Abi Sweigart
Practical Wisdom Creative Services
Samantha Scheifele
Rethink Revenue
Mark Perone
WD Renovations
Erin Williams
H7 Network
Clayton Hicks

Founder Lee Autore Co-Authored a Book!

People Fusion: Best Practices to Build and Retain A Strong Team

People Fusion aims to help leaders of small to midsize companies with the tools, tactics, tips, and strategies to build solid teams and retain great people. These fourteen authors have provided their expertise here so that they can influence how we best utilize people and drive business success through people.

People Fusion is the final book in the Business Fusion book series from Influence Network Media. From talent to marketing, leadership, sales and people operations, small to midsize businesses need strategies, tactics and action plans to successfully scale their business and hit business goals and objectives. The Business Fusion book series connects small to midsize leaders to business experts who can guide them and bridge the gap between people operations and the many other branches of business to help you navigate them all with ease for ultimate success!