Goal-Time LLC
Goal-Time LLC
We Evaluate and Define Technical Solutions to Your Business Problems
Organizations => Needs => Systems => Solution => Plan => Success
Welcome to Goal-Time LLC
Goal-Time LLC is a consulting business, focused on providing "Technical Solutions" for "Business Problems".
Our goal is to ensure that the right people are involved, that they are finding potential solutions to the real business problem, that the risks of each solution are being evaluated, and that a solid plan is made for moving forward.
- Lee Autore
What Problem Can We Help You Solve?
From Websites to Mobile Apps, Businesses Processes to Software, and any other technology and business consulting, we can help you. If you aren't sure what we could do for you, request a Free Consultation!

"The Swing Problem"
This image demonstrates the core issue that Goal-Time LLC tries to help people solve. Either the wrong people are involved, or they right people aren't getting the information they need, in order to solve the problem.
This article talks about how we aim to resolve these issues!